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Krystal IT Academy

Welcome To Krystal IT Academy

The Krystal's IT Academy was developed to bridge the gap between education and the real-world by equipping students with the IT skill sets they need for successful careers in today's technology centered job market, and providing professional development resources for educators.

Our Mission

To empower academic institutions to help students achieve skills and reach their career potentials through relevant, high-quality training and certification.

Our Vision

To build the largest network of it learning academies in sub-saharan africa.
At Krystal's IT Academy, we value skills, our ultimate purpose is to inculcate skills that enable students Collaborate, Communicate and be Critical thinkers, Innovative problem solvers and citizens of a global economy

Project Background

Technology has deeply influenced our way of life and way we live as humans. Education has benefited greatly from technology and it's mode of delivery, this has in turn affected work and professional life. 89% of jobs in 5-10 years from now will depend greatly on IT skills. The Krystal IT Academy was established basically to help develop and equip the future professionals; the future workforce.

We have carefully crafted an easy to understand curriculum inline with the international education standard and guidelines, helping to create a solid IT foundation.

To face and overcome future challenges, we strongly believe that relevant IT skills are of great importance.

This is why Krystal Digital Solutions has partnered with Microsoft to achieve this great feat in academic institutions.

Beginning with the junior cadre where the basic and fundamental knowledge will be instilled in the form of computer literacy and as they grow in the academy, more skills will be learnt and advanced courses taught, tests will be administered and certifications given accordingly as they complete their respective courses.

All these will be done in a 21st century learning environment; the Krystal Learning Hub, a conducive facility that encourages innovation and creativity with the help of top-notch faculties.

Project Overview

This project is deeply rooted in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and in line with the UNICEF's action plan for education in the 21st century called TeachUNICEF coupled with Microsoft's passion for IT backed education and Krystal Digital Limited's educational development solutions.

We will achieve this through:


This training process involves the use of 21st century IT methods to impact skills essential for all round success in the Skill Development classes.

Skill Development classes

In line with NERDC curriculum guidelines, our Skill Development Classes will basically train the students along their chosen fields in a way that will portray their latent ability with the help of the relevant IT program, creating a solid foundation for an assured future also instilling confidence in them. For the Junior Secondary, we have the Microsoft office suite which comprise Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on, which have all them structured in a way to ensure fill practical based training. The junior cadre belongs in the

SDC (General)

Since our programs are course based, we have the skill development classes for the various subject divisions in Senior Secondary, which are:

(a document spelling out the subject based IT courses is available)

Computer Based Testing

The introduction of ICT driven initiatives into the Nigerian education system has set precedence for the adoption of computer based testing as evident in its use by National Examination bodies like JAMB. Countless Federal Universities and Secondary Schools also use this testing system and this has proven to be a game-changer in administering examinations. It is

And most importantly, teachers and educators won't have to spend profitable time marking exam sheets and recording because the system already captures that. This definitely through countless testimonies has come as a huge relief to teachers and school administrators.


This involves the provision of a 21st century learning environment with the appropriate tools and facility that will encourage innovation and creativity, be a one stop place for resources and serve as a learning hub for both educators and students.

The learning hub will be equipped with between 50-100 networked computer units, Internet facility, power supply, also e-TeachingAid for teachers will be provided to help revolutionize the education process.

Schools with already existing computer laboratories would have their infrastructures upgraded to the Krystal learning hub standard.

The learning hub will be equipped with between 50-100 networked computer units, Internet facility, power supply, also e-TeachingAid for teachers will be provided to help revolutionize the education process.Schools without an existing infrastructure will have a full deployment which includes the erection of a building that will seat 120 students, provision of 50 networked computer systems scalable to 120, and furnishing of the facility with state-of-the-art equipments.


We will guide the students in their various career paths as their strengths reflect through monitoring and proper career advice and guidance, and attaching them to an industry mentor who will help them make proper career choices and cushion the effect of the strains they may face as they progress.


We are grooming the future workforce with the use of IT skills and technology in education and learning, helping to secure the tomorrow of our people, and of our great nation Nigeria.